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Enzymatic Biotechnology specialized in hygiene and maintenance

Enzymatic Biotechnology specialized in hygiene and maintenance

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We believe in a clean planet; We know that nature has what it takes to clean it up and thus raise our quality of life and that of future generations. That is why we do biotechnology, under an environmentally sustainable approach, economically viable and socially responsible.


Benefits using

When you use our products in the cleaning processes of your company you add value to them:


No restrictions on weather

Our products are designed to work on any kind of weather and atmospheric conditions, regardless the temperature or humidity of the envieroment.


No abrasion

Thanks to the organic base of our proproducts, do not cause damage to any surface neither corrode them.


Cost efficiency

Lowers the cost of maintenance, Haz/Mat and water disposal. Reduce the downtime in maintenance schedules and lower the accident hazard, contingencies, penalties and labor risk.


Enviroment friendly

The enzymes in our products disolves the molecules of any dirt eliminating the risk of contamination. Also the effectiveness of enzymes decreases water consumption in hygiene and disinfection procedures




100% biodegradable degreasers, descalers and sanitizers, with enzymes, citrus and herbs as an alternative for the maintenance, hygiene and disinfection of surfaces and equipment without causing wear and corrosion and without causing damage to health, to the environment and to waterbodies.

Biotechnological development specialized in
hygiene, maintenance and disinfectants



Developed for hygiene and maintenance of equipment, pipes, engines, floors, walls, etc. Formulated with enzymes that degrade and remove grease, extreme dirt, hydrocarbons, incrustations and impurities. The products are neutralized and do not affect the pH of waste water discharges.


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Developed for washing and disinfecting equipment, production lines, tanks, stainless steel and other surfaces of food processes, industrial dining rooms and restaurants. For it´s Enzymatic formulation, degrade and detach the incrustations of food, sugars and fats, also eliminates the bacterial load.



Developed for washing and disinfection of hospitals, operating rooms, laboratories, beds, floors, walls, work tables, and other surfaces.

Due to its enzymatic formulation, our products degrade and take off biological waste. Also eliminate all types of bacteria, reducing health risks and infections.



With the power of organic enzymes our products keep the engines and other automotive parts in optimal conditions, doing a professional and deep cleaning.

Designed for disinfection and maintenance, taking care of the surfaces and the health of the workers.